Ever wondered what story the food on your plate would tell you? As modern man has progressed to being more packer-shopper than hunter – gatherer, we often have a very hazy view of where our food comes from.


Calling Cows

Our eggs
Molly the dog
Organic recycling by donkey
Donkey mare and foal with children
Our homemade bread
Coco the prize winning donkey

Our three holiday cottages are located right here on our working organic farm. All our guests get to visit the farm during the stay, with a guided tour from John. Situated amongst the farm paddocks, our four star cottages are a great place to experience the real Ireland. We breed organic cattle here for the beef that one day ends up in local artisan butchers and supermarkets.

Our guests are fascinated to see the cows rush eagerly towards John when he calls “chew, chew” to them. They marvel at his control of the herd, how they respond to his call, and wonder at the significance of the words “chew, chew”. Now here’s the thing – if John called out “foot, foot” they’d come running just the same. John only calls out the phrase “chew, chew” because his father did and because also his grandfather before him. The cows associate John with food and care, and anything he says is going to command their full attention!

We keep our carbon footprint light wherever we can and encourage our guests to do the same. Guests can engage in organic recycling at its finest, by feeding their vegetable peelings to the donkeys, (see photo!). The donkeys really love the farm tours too, as it means that guests come to see them bringing tasty treat in the recycling buckets. Our farm dog, Molly, comes on the tour too and sometimes shows off her jumping skills, circus-style, across the hay bales.

Some of the farm hens live in an enclosure in the cottage gardens, and are a source of fascination for adults and children alike, as they peck their way through the day, producing eggs for all. A hen generally lays one egg per day, for six months of the year, and we have enough hens to ensure that every guest gets to enjoy farm fresh eggs during their holiday here.

We have used recycled materials in the construction of the cottages. The Oregan pine floor in Kilmore Cottage came from a railway station in Scotland, and has been sanded and polished to give a warm basis to any holiday there. We’ve mixed old style plaster walls, wooden beams and shutters with modern insulation and construction methods to ensure a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our guests. We’ve added complimentary wifi too, so that guests can stay connected. We’re quite close to both the village and the beach, so it’s all on the doorstep here for guests who want an Irish experience.

We use an old Irish recipe for the tea brack, (cake), which welcomes guests on arrival. Guests are very welcome to the recipe. We can also show guests how to make traditional Irish soda bread, but we’ve added our own twist! We live and work on the farm, so we are always nearby when guests want advice or help to pick a restaurant or to seek an activity to complete their perfect itinerary.

Kilmore Cottage is a holiday experience that puts you in centre of the real Irish life and gives you a chance to see and appreciate the origin of the food on your plate. If you come to stay, we’ll give you a chance to see for yourself!

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